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​What separates well-known artists from those stuck in obscurity is one question that often is answered with just a couple of words: radio play. SP Unlimited excels in radio promotion - getting music played on all formats of radio, with a particular specialization in Active Rock, Mainstream Rock and Classic Rock, Metal and Underground Radio and also Commercial Specialty Shows. Getting your songs spun on the radio is in the best interests of any artist because it helps prove what’s going to stick with consumers and what gets rejected.

We take an individual approach to everything we do - to knowing your project well enough before servicing to knowing the target  decision-maker's tastes, and we work very hard to create a hand-selected list for your project that concentrates on those outlets that have the best likelihood of success. 








In additional to promotional campaigns in support of CD releases, SP Unlimited sets up and executes national campaigns for DVDs (everything from contests and giveaways to screenings at movie theatres), sets up promotions and marketing campaigns, artist interviews, video promotions and tour promotions.

Exposure is everywhere now - not only can terrestrial radio make a difference in your future, but there are TV channels that play music (Music Choice, DMX), Satellite Radio, Internet stations and even Pirate Radio. All offer Nationwide and, in a lot of cases, even Worldwide discovery!

We go the extra mile to set up contests, soundcheck parties and meet & greets, arrange giveaway packages with product, guitars, even cruises and flyaways.

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